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[官方新闻] cs:go 2013.1.9更新

yangxi 发表于 2013-1-12 07:43:58 | 显示全部楼层 |阅读模式 patchnotes patchnotes
- Added Server Report panel. Player can use this panel to report server for things such as inappropriate content and bad performance etc.. This menu is accessible from the Pause Menu.

- Improved competitive matchmaking algorithm to further reduce wait times.

- Fixed 'rebuy previous' not working after the first round of rebuying.

- Spawn points are now randomized every round.

- Whitelisted con_filter convars for debugging.

- Fixed damage taken and given not being fully reset in modes that aren't round-based.

- Changing mp_warmuptime takes effect immediately.

- Added concommands mp_warmup_start and mp_warmup_end, which restart and early terminate warmup, respectively.

- Fixed exploit where cl_interp restrictions could be bypassed.

- Alias command no longer allows aliasing over existing convars and concommands.

- Fixed rare case of maps not matching requested game mode on dedicated servers

- The client-side headshot feedback sound no longer plays for the local client when damaging another player in the head with a grenade explosion or when shooting them in the head through another surface (penetration)

- Slightly reduced the client-side headshot feedback sound volume (spatialized sound is unaffected)

- Fixed nameplate flicker in free cam mode during demo playback.

- Fixed wall penetration on Linux dedicated servers

- Fixed exploit where grenade projectiles were used to boost teammates.

- Fixed a very rare server crash when firing a weapon.

- Improved the error message shown when finding a game fails to locate an acceptable dedicated game server formerly reported as DS.

- Improved memory management on servers with GOTV enabled.

- Changed holiday cheer level to match CS1.6.

- 增加了服务器状况报告面板。
- 提高了竞技匹配模式的匹配算法,进一步的减少了匹配等待时间。
- 修正了以前按F1重复上一回合购买时,在第一次重复购买后就失效的问题。
- 人物出生位置在每一回合中都是随机的。
- 增设con_filter控制台命令用于调试。
- 修正了在不是基于回合制的模式下,伤害的输出和接受值没有完全重置的问题。
- 修改mp_warmuptime命令为实时生效。
- 增加了控制命令mp_warmup_start 和 mp_warmup_end,用于重新启动热身或者提前结束热身。
- 修正了可以绕过cl_interp限制的问题。
- Alias命令取别名时,将不再允许可以使用已经存在的服务器变量名或者控制台命令。
- 修正在少数地图下,服务器不会匹配到请求的模式。
- 当用手雷击伤别人头部时,或者用枪穿墙击中别人头部时,将不会在客户端播放爆头的音效。
- 稍微的降低了游戏中爆头音量(立体声不受影响)。
- 修正在观看demo使用自由视角模式时,标示牌闪烁的问题。
- 修正了在Linux服务器中的穿墙问题。
- 修正了利用手榴弹为推进队友的问题
- 修正了一个很小概率会发生的因为枪械开火而导致的服务器崩溃问题。
- 改良了一个错误提示,以前在寻找到一个服务器但是未能加入时只能提示DS。
- 改良了在开启GOTV的服务器上的内存管理。
- 修改了圣诞节元素水平来匹配CS1.6


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