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[聊天灌水] OCLeague CSPromod Cup #2冬季5V5比赛

just75 发表于 2013-1-4 11:31:14 | 显示全部楼层 |阅读模式

http://www.ocleague.com/competit ... ew=signup&id=36

he cup will be 5vs5 on CSP 1.10 with mr15, on January 6th!
When both teams do not have a server we will provide one to play on!
You can join #OCLeague.csp @ Quakenet ! Matches will be generated on the homepage. Matches must be played at the designated time, and don't forget to submit the scores afterwards! Remember that this is an onedaycup so you will need to set the time right away, if a team is not ready to play within 15 minutes of the designated time they will forfeit the match! Make sure you check out the guideline "Process Match" to know how before you insert the matchscores, you can find at http://ocleague.com/guidelines.php. If you got any questions or problem, join our IRC channel and contact us, #ocleague.csp @quakenet, if you don't get a response send me a PM (Jason) be sure to leave your email and I will respond ASAP!

Register an account and create your team to signup at http://ocleague.com/competition/leag...w=signup&id=36

Check-in phase: January 6th 18:00 CET - 18:50 CET
Cup start: 19:00 CET

Prize 1st place: Entry into the quarterly tournament(This will hopefully have a good prize)

Knife round for side!
Round 1 map: csp_dust2
Round 2 map: csp_inferno
Round 3 map: csp_train
Round 4 map: csp_nuke
(Round5 if 64 teams: csp_morocco)

Final: Veto bo3!

The cup will be streamed by zaihtaM:
http://www.twitch.tv/zaihtaM .
It will be featured on HLTV under MyMGN.

How to signup?
Once registered and created a team then go to http://ocleague.com/competition/leag...w=signup&id=36 and signup.

How to check-in?
You will be able to check-in when check-in phase starts at 18:00 CET on http://ocleague.com/competition/leag...=signups&id=36

All players must record a demo, failure to do so will result in your team forfeiting the match.

Matches are played until a team has won 16 rounds. If both teams win 15 rounds, the MR5 overtime is to be played!

Our CSP ladder has also recently opened, be sure to check it out: http://ocleague.com/competition/rank...id=28&sub=info



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