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[CSP新闻] CSPromod 1.10 Release Date and Future Updates

Cool.Cat 发表于 2012-12-12 08:16:38 | 显示全部楼层 |阅读模式
Hi everyone,
We’ve got quite a lot of things to discuss and clear up with you about what the pipeline for CSP going forward is.

First of all, the next patch (which we will refer to as BETA 1.10) will be released this Sunday, December 16th, 2012. This update will include the brand new player models and animations (replacing the current ones) as well as pressing bug fixes. We’re also currently looking at ways to make the updating part of our game easier so you won’t have to deal with manual downloads to keep the game up to date.

Second, with the next patch being called “BETA 1.10” you’re probably wondering what happened to CSPromod 1.1, announced last year. Well, this so called “1.1” is what the next step of CSP is going to become: it will include our own weapon models, animations, map assets, sounds, and more... We are still working on that and will announce details about it when we are ready. Until then, you can expect CSP to be updated on a regular basis which means you will get smaller patches every other week.

Third, we would like to encourage everybody to keep posting on the forum about bugs you encounter or problems you’re having to help us improve your gaming experienced. We mentioned in the previous post on the update page that we’re looking at the respawn bug which is first on the priority list, as well as the unconnected issue that’s breaking the scoreboard.

Lastly, we’re working on ways to help the community set up gathers and scrims and help make the process easier for everyone. We will keep you guys updated on that front as well.

Thank you for your time.

大家好!为了csp的开发进度,我们得到很多的建议和讨论。首先,在即将发布的补丁(我们将改为先版本发布BETA1.10)。将于2012年12月16日(本周末)发布。此次更新将包含全新的玩家模型和动画(取代目前的模型),以及BUG的修复。目前,我们还在寻找办法,怎样来更新游戏,保持游戏的最新,让大家更容易体验游戏。第二,在下一个补丁中成为“BETA1.10” 接下来就是beta1.1.我们在去年就宣布了的。那么这个所谓的beta1.1是下一步的CSP将使用我们自己的武器模型、动画、地图资源、声音和更多。。。。我们开发团队仍在努力,并发布关于CSP细节。当我们准备好了,你可以期望CSPromod 定期更新,这将意味着每隔一周有个补丁小更新,第三,你们遇见问题,我想鼓励大家继续在论坛发布游戏的错误,必须有你们帮助才能完善游戏。在以前的论坛文章中,有提到重生的错误,这是第一个优先级别列表。以及悬空的问题,显示在记分牌上。感谢大家,我们会继续更新,希望大家继续关注CSPROMOD。

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455300063 发表于 2012-12-12 13:00:38 | 显示全部楼层
哦也 哦买噶的,1.09卸掉,准备下1.10.CSP开发组给力
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